Navigating the vast array of colors and shades available in the Hair Wigs market, ranging from multi-tonal hues and solid blocks of color to seamlessly blended styles (and everything in between!), it can often feel overwhelming when trying to discover your ideal match on your first attempt. However, rest assured, we are here to help you resolve any challenges in finding your perfect hair match!

Exciting news awaits! Our inventory boasts an extensive selection of more than 32 shades, ranging from the elegant Black Root Burgundy and alluring Dark Blonde to sleek jet blacks and rich Chestnut Brown, among many others. Rest assured, we are highly confident that we've got the ideal shade to seamlessly complement your natural hair, eliminating any color mismatches or awkward giveaways.

With our extensive expertise in the field spanning over a decade, we've compiled THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO A PERFECT COLOR MATCH, complete with invaluable photo tips for when you reach out to us for your FREE color matching consultation.

So, let's delve into the world of color matching in its entirety!



When it comes to matching the color of your hair to any ponytail, the most crucial step is distinguishing between undertones: warm, cool, or neutral. Warm undertones give the hair a golden or yellowish hue. Cool tones suggest a more ashy appearance with a silvery tint. Meanwhile, neutral tones strike a balance between warm and cool, neither leaning too far in either direction.

We've compiled a comprehensive list of all 32 shades we have in stock, categorizing them as cool, warm, or neutral, to simplify your search for the closest match!

Black Root Burgundy

Blonde Brown

Rooted Brown Highlights

Vanilla Blonde

Natural Black

Dark Brown

Black Rooted Red

Medium Brown

Dirty Blonde

Brown And Honey Blonde Highlight


Baby Blue

Lemon Green

Fire Red


Brown Root Ombre

Grey And Black

Chestnut Brown

Platinum Pearl


Ombre Green

Off Black

Light Brown

613 Blonde


Highlights Champagne

Strawberry Blonde Or Honey Blonde

Golden Blonde

Ombre Highlights

Light Burgundy

Pure Blonde

Dark Blonde


When considering color-matching for your hair, one of the initial factors to think about is the specific product you intend to purchase. The tones and dimensions in your hair can appear quite distinct when it's worn down, in contrast to when it's tied up in a ponytail. As a result, your ideal shade might vary based on the type of hair extension product you plan to buy.

For instance, if your hair is honey blonde with prominent highlighted tones and you primarily wear it down, you should opt for a multi-tonal shade that seamlessly matches and blends with your lighter mid-lengths and ends.

On the other hand, if you plan to wear your hair in a sleek ponytail or bun, any darker tones or root regrowth may become more noticeable. Therefore, if you're purchasing any of our wraparound or up-do hair products, it's advisable to choose a shade that harmonizes with your darker tones to achieve a smooth transition between your natural hair and  .



To guarantee a precise color match, our team of color specialists is available through our website, social media platforms, and WhatsApp seven days a week to assist you in discovering your ideal hue! Just snap a few pictures of your hair, relax, and anticipate your flawless  hair match to arrive in your email inbox!

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