Debunking Wigs Myths

If you're just stepping into the fascinating realm of Wigs, you might find yourself harboring a handful of reservations or uncertainties, especially given the abundance of conflicting information and hair-related horror stories circulating on the internet.


"Could hair Wigs potentially harm my natural hair?"

"What might be the financial investment involved?"

"Will others easily notice their presence?"


Rest assured, we're here to dispel those rumors and debunk these common misconceptions.


Synthetic hair extensions look too fake or shiny" - A Misconception    

In a market brimming with diverse Synthetic Hair options encompassing a wide spectrum of textures, lengths, thicknesses, and price points, it can indeed be challenging to distinguish between various brands' qualities.

We've all experienced those youthful days when we enthusiastically acquired our first clip-on ponytail, eagerly flaunting it to our friends over the weekend. Admittedly, the shade might not have been a perfect match, and the result may have somewhat resembled Barbie's hair, but back then, we genuinely believed it looked fabulous. However, times have evolved, and the world of hair products has undergone remarkable transformations. It's safe to say that we won't be revisiting those ponytail pictures anytime soon.

At Our , we craft our Synthetic Hair using a Premium Mono-fibre material. This unique material ensures that our hairpieces maintain their natural style, shape, and bounce, regardless of how frequently they are worn. Worried about shiny hair? Rest assured! We take immense pride in subjecting our wig products to rigorous trials and testing before production. As a result, our designs boast premium quality without the excessive shine often associated with cheaper alternatives. This distinctive feature enables our hairpieces to seamlessly blend with the texture of your natural hair, ensuring no awkward tell-tale signs are ever revealed!


“Synthetic hair can’t be curled” - A Misconception

Unlike natural hair, synthetic hair requires a bit of setting to maintain the desired style. We've put together a foolproof method to revamp your straight synthetic hair extensions in a matter of minutes.

Using ceramic heated rollers, you can effortlessly transform the look of your synthetic hair extensions in approximately 30 minutes (or more, depending on your desired curl definition).

Here's how to do it: Start by separating and sectioning 1-inch pieces of your synthetic hair. Begin at the bottom, wrap each section around a heated roller, and secure it in place with a roller clip or pin. Allow the hairpiece to cool completely with the rollers still in place (this is an ideal time to finish your makeup routine!). Afterward, gently remove each roller to reveal soft, bouncy curls. For added longevity, consider applying a bit of styling or hairspray to ensure your new style holds."


"Wigs being too expensive? - False.

Recent research reveals that the average woman invests over $40,000 in her lifetime on her hair. Surprising, right? While it may seem excessive, we're here to dispel the notion that hair extensions are unaffordable.


We uphold our commitment to quality, offering a range of hair products that are incredibly budget-friendly and accessible to everyone. Our Premium Synthetic wig collection and ponytails start at just $69, with the highest price for our wig products being $99."


"While we believe we've dispelled the most prevalent myths surrounding hair wigs, if you have any more questions, our team of Hair Experts is ready to assist you. Feel free to send an email to, and our dedicated Customer Care Team will be delighted to help."


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